#1318 – pointless

well, i went to umbc with stu and my sister kelly (she wanted to tag along and stu had been cooped up all day), so we drove out there to get premiere.

got there at 5:00. turned out that the bookstore closed at 4:00 on fridays -_-;;; so i ended up getting dinner at the commons on campus and eating and sulking, heh. looks like i’ll just get it tomorrow like i planned. i just would have liked to tinker with it tonight is all… ^^;;

dave and i (and later stu) got a game of the quake ii map “quaking ledges” (which was based off a doom map that dan, dave, will, and i played back in the day with the dematha computer club), hehe. lots of fun ^_^ then stu and i did some work on the “kiss me, son of god” music video that we’re working on. ^^

now i’m just poking around until i go to bed – planepull tomorrow, yay!