#1316 – econ

school was ok – i thought that we had a quiz in economics today, but turns out that it’s next wednesday, and besides, it’s a test and not a quiz, lol.

we did have a quiz in math that i think i did ok in – i was talking with a guy two seats down from me afterwards, and on two problems we knew what we had to do, but weren’t quite sure how to do it – one of the questions that i had problems with was to find the inverse of ƒ(x), and i remembered that you had to solve that by putting the variable y in for x and solve for y. so i did that but because it became something like x = (2y + 3) / (y – 5) i couldn’t figure out how to isolate the y variables.

the other problem was having a rectangle with an 80 cm perimeter, and you had to figure out what dimensions of the rectangle would give it the largest area, and what that area would be. i remembered doing this problem in class, and i remembered that a square is a rectangle with the largest dimensions for the maximum area possible, but i didn’t remember how to solve it. so i ended up writing up simple stuff like l * w = a (length * width = area) and 2l + 2w = 80 (for the perimeter of the rectangle). since i didn’t know how to solve it, i drew a square, wrote “20” on each side, and 20 * 20 = 400 (for the area), and to “prove” it i wrote out next to that 10 * 30 = 300 and 300 < 400. so that's how i "proved" that bit about the square having the largest area possible, hehe. that's basically what the other guy did with his problem too. before my math class i was sitting in the student commons, just reading the school paper and listening to my music, when some random guy came up and started waving at me to get my attention. i thought for a second that he was this guy that i sit next to in my math class (because this guy looked kinda familiar, but not exactly like the guy i sit next to). guy: "can i ask you a question?" me: "huh? sure, i guess..." guy: *sits down next to me and begins a big speech about studying the bible etc etc* me: ^^;;;;; *smiles and nods and hopes this guy goes away so i won't miss my math quiz* guy: *finished talking and expects me to give him my phone number so he can sign me up for some bible-study class he's doing* when he started asking me to sign up, i told him that i'd have to think about it. he kept insisting so i said "how about you give me your email address instead and i'll send you a message if i'm interested?" so he gave me his email address (turns out he doesn't go to umbc, but instead goes to college park :P) and he made me give him my email address (so i gave him my address - that one i mostly reserve for things that i'm sure i'll get spam from or only when i really don't want to give out my email address, heh 😛 - "kamikuzu kago" is japanese for "wastepaper basket", hehe). after he left me alone i finished reading the article i was trying to read and fled. i really didn't like how he was really pressuring me into signing up, just like i don't like people lecturing me how i ought to act with my religion, or forcing leaflets and whatnot upon me either. 😛 after my math class i drove to the sprint store to ask about getting my credit that i keep getting bills about, and the girl there said to talk to customer service over the phone, which i've already tried to do before. *sigh* then i drove to the harbor center (even on my days off i can't keep away from there! lol), got my world map for my project that i was thinking about doing – plotting out on a map of the world everywhere that i know someone, got some pushpins for the project from office depot, and then went to tower records and got “sound of music” and “the fifth release from pizzicato five”, both by pizzicato five, hehe.

(my economics class is rather suggestive… we kept talking in class about buying pizzas and cds, and if you were to buy x amount of cds then you could only buy y amount of pizzas and vice-versa. so guess what i had for lunch? hehe)

time to find some dinner and get to work on studying for tomorrow’s test in my management class and working on my map project. ^_^