#1314 – choreography

i was looking for something to eat for breakfast earlier, and the song “misty mountain hop” by led zeppelin (gotta love the zep’!) was playing. as i was in a silly sort of mood, i was running around the house doing some sort of crazy dance.

think of it as a low-budget and low-skilled version of fatboy slim’s “weapon of choice” where instead of christopher walken dancing around, it’s me dancing around.

and can you believe that for my performance all i was able to find to eat was a mini box of frosted flakes? sure, i like frosted flakes, but i had my heart set on more froot loops, hehehe. ^_^ and it was one of those mini boxes that you’d take on a camping trip or something, so now we’ve got no more cereal left in the house, and i’m still hungry. ;_;

still haven’t recieved the ddr amv project back.

i think i’ll go take my shower now and see if i have time to grab a map of the world for my project from the bookstore before heading off to school.

there’s going to be an incredible hulk movie coming out? neato ^_^ especially if it’s as good as spiderman was… i can’t wait to get spiderman on dvd. ^-^

and you know how they always seem to use the same guy to narrate every single movie trailer EVAR? then check out the trailer for the comedian, hehehe ^_^

and why can’t i type today? my fingers feel rather clumsy. ^^;