#1311 – post office does good

so i went to the post office before school today. i still couldn’t find my receipt, so i printed out a copy of my bank statement with the $86.41 charge on it and brought that along with me.

when i got to the post office i asked to see a manager, but was told that they didn’t have a manager, but there was a number i could call instead, and they asked me what the problem i was having was. i told them about how i mailed a package by priority mail for $3.85 (exactly what i was expecting, and what i thought it said on the receipt), and even though i can’t find the receipt now, my bank statement says that the post office charged me $86.41.

their eyes bugged out when i told them that, lol.

they asked me what day i came in on, what register i was at, and about what time i was there. they searched for about 10-15 minutes and then they found the receipt.

when i was having them process my transaction i thought i remembered the lady having to swipe my card through twice. what we think happened was that it didn’t register the first time, and after the second time she had to enter it in manually. but when she entered it manually, the last four digits of my credit card were entered in as the payment amount! so since the last four digits of my card are 8641, that’s what i was charged.

so they had me sign a form, and gave me a refund. in cash, lol. they looked a little confused when i started to offer my bankcard to have them credit me back, but when i told mom about it when i got home she said that it was good that i got cash back in case they had problems again, hehe. ^^ the people at the post office were pretty nice about it and said that if it had happened to them they’d probably be freaking out, lol.

so now all’s well and good with my bank account! ^_^ except for the fact that last week i ordered premiere for the computer, and i’m about $5-10 short of the total (including tax). so i’ll either have to get it next monday when i’m back at umbc after i get my paycheck, or see if i can swing up there on saturday before or after the bwi planepull.