#1308 – receipts

i haven’t been able to find the receipt from getting the postage for my package the other day, but i’m almost positive that it was $3.85 – that’s what the lady told me, and that’s what i believe i saw on the receipt i signed.

hopefully the receipt is in the car – i’ll be able to check tomorrow.

if not, well, then i have this $86.47 charge on my bank account via my checkcard. any suggestions as to what i ought to do if i don’t have a receipt? ^^;;; what i’m hoping is that it hasn’t really been applied to the account yet (even though it says that it isn’t pending anymore, but i’ve seen one or two transactions act kinda like this before, but they didn’t miss the targeted amount by anywhere near this difference in price ^^;;;).

stu and i went to dan’s place after i got off work and had dinner. bruno_boy was there too, and we all watched the tape of japanese shows that kittenchan had sent to stu, and went to the silver diner for eats, and played para para paradise. fun ^^