#1305 – i lied

i lied, i’m not going to bed yet – i had to post bits of this conversation jibakushounen and i had earlier…

me: no seung mina in soul calibur 2! this makes me mad – who will i lust after now?! ;_;

joel: Lust for Sophitia!

me: lol

joel: I mean, it’s not as good, but it’ll have to do!

me: well, yeah, but i much prefer seung mina to be surging down that pole with immense power

me: hehe

joel: You know, I can’t argue that

joel: I guess we could give Kilik tits.

joel: I mean, it’s pretty much the same character

me: LOL

so there’s that, and i just also remembered this truck i saw on the way to school the other day. it was a bulk trash truck, so it had all these tables and couches piled in the back, with this giant sign on the side saying “DRUGS are GARBAGE”. the way the stuff was piled in the truck, whoever put the garbage in the truck was on drugs at the time it seemed, lol.

ok, NOW i’m off to bed. 😛