#1301 – story of my life

went to school, then after school i got gas for the car and mailed off a cd to get a copy of the ddr amv project. hung out with bruno_boy after that, and played ddr with some people in the lobby of patapsco.

met up with my friend chris and a few guys from his frat and we went to a cookout done by the memebers of the frat up at towson. chris brought his girlfriend along and they got eats at a local diner.

after that we went to redwood trust for college night (apparently the frat is trying to work out a deal with the club so by promoting the club we’d get discounts on admission or something). they drew big black “X”s on my hands with a marker since i’m under 21 – i can just see me not being able to get them scrubbed off for work tomorrow and having some old lady see them and think they’re swastikas (then i’ll just have to make my best edward norton impression and say “know that movie ‘american history x’? the tattoos they gave me for the movie were PERMANENT!” *dun dun dunnnnn*). when we arrived it was almost empty inside, so we hung out in a lounge inside for a while, then when we came back out the room was pretty full. it was weird… i was dancing by myself for the longest time, then about 6 or so girls came and danced around and with me, then i was by myself yet again, then another 4 or 5 girls danced with me again, and so on. one girl thanked me for dancing, but i told her that it was no problem (‘specially when you’re suddenly cast into the position of Ladies’ Man Glenn), hehehe. several guys came up to congratulate me during the night, and i told one guy that that was pretty much the story of my life:

– all by myself

– next thing i know, i’ve got a giant harem

– all by myself

– goto step 2

altogether, it was a good night at the club. no guys tried to grab my ass or kiss me like they did in england, lol – sure, they had good taste, but i really wasn’t interested, lol ^_^;;;;

now i ought to go to bed, since i’ve got to work at 10, hehe ^_^;;; i may be working next thursday since i want saturday off to go to the planepull, but maybe i can schedule it so i’ll be free to go dancing again XD