#1297 – world map

i’ve got a headache. i’ll survive, hehe… i ought to be going to bed in a moment, anyway…

went to eastpoint mall after school with dan and dave (dan’s brother) and bruno_boy to play some ddr. “the whistle song” is my new favorite ddr song XD

afterwards i hung out at dave’s dorm at school, then i drove home via a slightly different route – normally from school i take umbc -> 695 east -> 97 south -> 50 east -> home.

unfortunately, recently, they’ve been doing construction lateish at night right at the exit onto 695 from school, so there’s only the two left lanes open and no merge lane. this makes for not very fun driving experiences when every other car is a tractor-trailer, and the cars that aren’t trailers aren’t big enough to see well over the traffic barrels, so you end up trying to peer around the barrels to see the headlights of the oncoming cars, and eventually you hope and pray that there’s a space in between cars and not yet another small car, and you jam on the gas and (since the traffic is travelling at about 60-75 mph) quickly shift up through gears 1-5 so you end up going insanely fast – hoping that the car in front of you doesn’t decide to tap their brakes thus putting you halfway into their backseat – in an incredibly short period of time.

no fun. ^^;;;

so, tonight, anticipating this, i drove umbc -> 195 east -> bwi airport -> 97 south -> 50 east -> home. it didn’t really extend my commute much (if at all – 195 east was empty except for me!), and i’m always looking for an excuse to go to the airport, hehehe. ^_^ so what if all i did was drive by it? it’s the AIRPORT! ^-^

after commenting back and forth with taeha about photography yesterday (and after that short visit to the airport tonight) i decided to take a look at the photograph archives at since i hadn’t browsed through them in about 3 months. i found a few good / interesting pictures to perhaps use as desktops… i’m using the large versions, but since the smaller versions are easier to see i linked to those…

plane almost collides with truck

plane leaving hangars crosses the roadway

beautiful sunset off the wing

energetic ramp agent directing aircraft

when i was a little kid, i wanted so bad to be the guy in the last picture, lol.

but what’s up with them having no pictures of anything at the ANP (lee airport) or W00 (freeway airport) airports? grr… those are the two local small airports, and while i’ve only been to lee airport once or twice and never to freeway airport, just them being so local makes me want to see more about them. it’s like rooting for someone from your own country in the olympics even though you’ve never met them, i guess, lol.

i got a cool idea i’m going to try – first i just need to find a big map of the world (like the sort you get as pull-outs in national geographic magazines), and a bunch of pushpins – to the best of my ability i’m going to plot out everywhere on the world that i know someone. ^_^