#1293 – continental us and canada

you know how some people think that paul is dead? wouldn’t it be ironic if he was the last beatle to die?

just something that occurred to me, heh.

anyway, i’m trying to think of where to go. see, i’ve got this round-trip ticket to anywhere in the us / canada, and i have to use it by the end of june next year.

so, since i like to travel so much, here’s some homework for everyone (you better respond, else i get mad and throw stuff! :P!)…

i was talking with my friend chris and complaining how all the rush events for his frat either conflicted with work or class. but he says that now each thursday they’re going to be going to redwood trust, which is fine by me! ^_^

and look! it’s me! spanking the monkey! if ya like that, then vote for meee!! (i’m the first pic on the top left ^_^)