#1292 – dark side of akira

remember when i wanted to make an akira “rock opera” sort of thing? just setting it to “dark side of the moon” by pink floyd?

well, i had heard of this before i thought of my rock opera, but did you ever hear of synchronizing “the wizard of oz” to “dark side of the moon”? basically you play both at the same time, and scenes in the movie curiously line up with different parts of the album. you can download a sample of the movie set to the album (realplayer, about 7 minutes long) and see exactly what i’m talking about.

anyway, so i was bored, and since you can apparently do that with other albums and movies, i tried doing that with “dark side of the moon” and “akira”.

it started off pretty good, but i wanted to see how the bike fight would be like synched with this different part in the album (the part that made me first think of my rock opera). so i synched that up.

holy shit. i had my mp3s set on repeat all, and i’ll be damned if it didn’t play to the end of the album and fit the anime really well! i stopped when it reached the end of the album, ‘cos i really ought to go to bed.

now i want to find out the exact spot i played the two together so other people can try if they want to, hehe…