#1287 – royal space force

watched “royal space force: the wings of honneamise” after work today. it was pretty good, but the very end was a bit weird. now i have to finish watching my kare kano dvd i got at otakon, lol.

my manager joe had called my cellphone to see when i’d be in today. but because i worked half a day on tuesday i only wanted to work a half-day today. but since the guy who was doing the greeting today didn’t know i had worked on tuesday (and since he was scheduled off of work at 6), he tried calling me first. unfortunately he had written down the wrong area code for my phone, so he wasn’t able to reach me. i got joe’s message after i got to work since now i’m leaving my phone off in the charger at home. the phone only rings – it doesn’t vibrate – when it’s in the desktop charger. this way i’ll keep people from bothering me at 2 am by calling my phone and having my phone start ringing randomly 😛

and if you could understand that whole paragraph, you deserve a cookie. it’s late and i can’t write straight right now.

looked up more info about studying abroad. bookmarked some sites, too. looks like i better start saving now to go to school abroad in 2 years from now, hehe ^_^;; i ought to ask my employers at adecco if they can share my qualifications with other adecco offices overseas, heh…

anybody know if they’ve set livejournal up yet so you can add rss feeds? last i heard that they had to be specially programmed in, and i just read that andy i. just updated his online journal to support rss, so i’d like to get that set up if i could.