#1286 – on-campus housing

i just got a letter from residential life saying that they’ve got some dual-occupancy places available on campus that i may be able to move in to! ^-^ i need to give them a call or stop by and see how much it costs, ‘cos if it doesn’t cost much then i may take them up on that. and they say that if there’s housing available when you bring in your $100 deposit you can move in that same day. so, if all goes perfectly, then i may be living on campus on monday! ^-^

this all assumes, of course, that it a) doesn’t cost too much, and b) that they still have housing available when i bring in my deposit. which’ll be on monday, methinks.

mom asked me what i’ll do with my computer. maybe i’ll bring it with me and suffer with our old rinky-dink one that i upgraded the processor on during weekends, hehe ^_^;; this is one reason why my next comp will probably be a laptop, hehe…

time to get ready to go to work – i thought that mom worked today so the only time i could be dropped off was in the morning (which made me mad ‘cos i worked half the day on tuesday so i would only have to work half the day today). but mom doesn’t work at all today, so she can bring me in at 3:00 – 3:30 – yay!