#1285 – all but $50

today’s friday the thirteenth. ooo. spooooky.

today is also payday – with the addition of my paycheck today, i’ve got enough to pay about all but $50 – 75 worth of my tuition bill, lol.

i worked half a day on tuesday so i wouldn’t have to work all day tomorrow, but because of schedules and so forth i’ll have to work tomorrow all day anyways. looks like that extra half-day will finish up my tuition bill, hehe.

i was talking with a guy in my management class – he might buy my handspring from me used for about $80, and i can put that toward getting one with a rechargable battery and updated software that’ll let me use my cable for using my cellphone as a modem, hehe.

i was making many jokes and felt like acting silly today (along with feeling something else too, but that’s for another post…):

professor: “in singapore, there’s laws against spitting or chewing gum, and if they catch you selling drugs it’s a public execution”

student: “they’ll put you to death for selling drugs?”

professor: “yep!”

me: “i feel sorry for the pharmacists!”

me: *acts silly and torments dan*

dan: “what have i done to deserve this?”

me: “lots of stuff, i bet!”

but one of my recent favorites is…

me: *looking at a bag of candy i got from OCSS* “hmm… i didn’t get a mint”

dave: “you can have my mint if you want”

me: “you don’t want your mint?”

dave: “nah, you can have my mint”

me: “cool, i like mints”

dave: “did we just say ‘mint’ enough just there?”

me: “i think we ‘mint’ to…” XD

a girl in my management class also told us today that in pakistan, when people go to eat at pizza hut, it’s a big formal occasion and they get all dressed up fancy to go out to eat at pizza hut, lol.

i went to the study abroad fair today. chatted with the guy at umbc who coordinates study-abroad programs – told him that i’d probably want to study in either the UK or in japan – and talked with a lady at this one booth that sponsors people to study all over the UK. picked up some fliers about studying abroad too. ^_^

and then after school, dave, his friend dave, dan, and myself went to eastpoint mall and played ddr with GER (“generic” eric ruth – i think his last name’s “ruth”, heh…). go us.

and now dan’s showed me where to download a bunch of ddr mp3s. go me. ^-^