#1284 – da pump house

i forgot that i hadn’t posted my pics from our trip to san francisco last month – i haven’t really labeled them, and some of them were meant to be stitched together on the comp so they don’t really make much sense individually, but here they all are.

this one probably means the most to the people who went to comic-con this year:

click for large version

it’s where ah-nold lives! in the “pump” house! XD

*cough* yeah. hehe…

better get ready for bed in a moment… got class at 10:00 – 12:45, and afterwards i’m going to the study-abroad fair. ^-^ then later tomorrow afternoon dan, dave, dave’s friend dave, and myself are going to eastpoint mall for some ddring. hopefully we’ll be back (or maybe i’ll drive myself?) before 9 pm, ‘cos if so then i can go clubbing at redwood trust. wheefun ^_^