#1283 – RANT="ON"

sorry if i seem like i’m heartess and insensitive today, but i’m sick of all the commercialization / hoopla over september 11, 2001. note how i don’t call it “9/11” or some other trite canned phrase. it was september 11, 2001. that was the date.

i don’t think that it should be made into a holiday, or “patriot day”, or whatever. it should be celebrated just like pearl harbor day. or d-day.

i’m not going to turn on the tv ‘cos i’ll end up getting mad at it and shooting it (just like elvis did with his television sets). i’m not going to turn on the radio today either.

i’m just going to go about my day as normal. always looking forward. that’s what everyone should to be doing. eh. but i’ll let you do what you want to.

hell, it’s such a nice day outside that if it wasn’t for all the security out and if i had a few extra hours i’d stop by the airport on the way to umbc and sit and watch the planes.

of course, a few thousand people lost their lives that day. but i feel that there’s a time and place to grieve. and not to say that all those who lost family/friends last year did it, but there’s people who are upset (who can blame them?) that they lost loved ones, but then they become all pissed off saying that the money that they’re getting from donations and charity isn’t enough. and the people silkscreening the american flag on anything they can get their hands on just to make a quick buck.

i’m just sick of it all. 😛