#1281 – da roolz

a pity i didn’t find out about until after the guy who made it died ^^;; it was cracking me up, hehe

i was eating a turkey and cheese sandwich when someone i don’t know messaged me and started using real bad grammar. look, people, if you’re going to go randomly messaging me, at least be correct with your messages, especially if you want me to carry on an active conversation with you. but if you’re already on my buddylist, then you don’t have to be held to quite as high a standard, hehe.

my clothes are in the dryer. i need them to finish so i can take a shower and go to work. there’s the other greeters there right now, and i’m basically coming in when i can to work. yay for flexible schedule XD i hope they don’t accuse me of being late… normally if i had to work the afternoon shift then i’d come in at 3:30.

if i didn’t tell the one of the greeters that i’d be coming in sometime today then i’d just stay home today, i think… i’d be able to get some sleep and work on my homework, heh.