#1278 – snap crackle pop

for some reason my speakers are making odd crackling sounds. they haven’t done this before. and it’s not really that loud, but it is noticible. heh.

went to school today. stu came along so we could hang out with dave and pete, and i called dan while we were at umbc so he and his brother came up and joined us all. i accidentally locked myself out of the house on the way to school, so i had to ring the doorbell and mom had to let me back in to grab my keys, and she got mad ‘cos she was in the shower at the time ^^;;;

school was ok. my back hurt after my classes, because i had a class from 3:30-4:45, then class from 5:30-6:20, then from 6:20-8:00. so i had been sitting down for basically 4 1/2 hours in bad lecture-hall seats. ^^;;

after my classes we all played pool and found pete and hung out at his dorm. we really didn’t have much of a plan, heh ^_^;;

now i’m back at home.

i really should clean out under my desk – it’s a big mess under there, and a not-so-big mess on top of my desk.

there’s going to be a study-abroad fair at umbc on thursday. i think maybe i’ll look into possibly studying abroad in either england or japan next year or perhaps the year after that. it’d be neat to do, methinks. ^_^