#1276 – arr! late, matey! arr!

first off, september 19 – talk like a pirate day. mark it on your calendar, matey! arr!

i was late to work today. ^^;; today i was woken up at 12:05 (work starts at 12), called work at 12:07, got dressed, and was at work before 12:25. the manager said he was wondering where i was, but they didn’t seem too concerned. ^_^;;

some lady started yelling at me when i got to her to take down her name after i just arrived there.

lady: “you mean i was supposed to put my name down on this sheet?!?! nobody told me that! i had been waiting here for 15 minutes and now i have to go to the end of the line?!?!”

me: “yes, ma’am. the line is moving pretty fast, though…”

lady: “that’s not the point! is this your job? why didn’t you put me down earlier?!”

me: “because i was late to work today, ma’am. i apologize. now, look, i can take down your name and help you two out while you wait for a salesperson, and then they can help you out the rest of the way, ok?”

lady: “…all right.”

so i managed to calm her down and help her and her husband out, and the saleslady that helped them out was able to get a sale out of that. that made me proud that i was able to diffuse that situation and make them happy enough that they wanted to stay. ^_^

last night i went to visit dan at his place – i got to try para para paradise and gran turismo 3 tokyo-something-or-other on his brother’s new japanese ps2, and i showed him “the curse of fatal death”, hehe. ^^

i think i’ll read the next chapter in my economics book then see if stu wants to come over.