#1275 – driving music

i swear, the first speeding ticket or accident i get into will be when listening to this new “driving music” playlist i made for my ipod, hehe. and it’s fitting, too – when i merged onto the beltway it was set on random and started playing “race of doom” by devo, and later when i went back on the beltway i manually cued up the “saber dance from ‘gayaneh'” by khachaturian, hehehe ^_^

work was slow (slower than a weekday, heh). kayla (the new greeter) worked in the store today too. she looks like she’ll be a good greeter, hehe.

they’re showing uhf on tv! but i already have it on dvd. but it’s on tv! really on tv! ^-^

and mr t is on tv! for 1-800-collect! ^__^