#1274 – 72 ton 727

i kinda liked work today – we’ve got new greeters being hired, and because of this they’re moving me to work a sort of express lane where people can purchase accessories, or pay their bills, or buy prepaid phone cards so they don’t have to wait in line for customer service to do quick stuff like that. so today they had linwood (one of the greeters they hired – the second greeter starts work tomorrow) doing the greeting and they moved me to my new position.

so now instead of standing around greeting people all day in the doorway, i stand around and ring people up in the back of the store, lol. this means less work and running around for me to do, and i kinda get to laze around a bit more, hehe. ^_^ i still had to do some greeting today after linwood left at 6, but once the other new greeter starts tomorrow i won’t have to do any more greeting at all (which hopefully will mean that less people will yell at me about stuff… the only way they’d be able to yell at me with my new job is if i don’t give them correct change, lol ^_^;;)

the planespotters club that i’ve been emailing with is thinking of setting up a team to compete for the plane pull at dulles international airport (IAD) and / or the plane pull at baltimore/washington international airport (BWI). i think i’ll definitely go to the one at BWI even if we don’t get a team together, hehe…

but i really hope we can get a team together, ‘cos i think it’d be fun to do… partly to see big commercial planes up close, and partly because it’s all for charity (each team has to contribute $1000+ to compete and the organizers give the money to support the special olympics in virginia / maryland). it’s still free to attend, though – the fee is only if you want to have a team compete – they see which team can pull a 72 ton 727 jet 12 feet the fastest. we think it would be neat to have a planespotting team to get the word out about planespotting, because even though the hobby has been around since world war ii, people haven’t really heard about it. (that’s very true – i was talking about planespotting at work a few weeks ago and there was a guy who works for southwest airlines there who looked at me like i was crazy, lol ^_^;;)

if we were to get a team like that going, and we needed to collect pledges from people to fund our team, would anybody be interested in paypal-ing donations for me? ~_^