#1270 – electric slide

went to the activities fair today at umbc. signed up for a few things, and spanked the monkey for a dollar, hehe.

i talked with some of my friend chris’ friends with the lambda chi alpha fraternity about possibly joining, hehe… i’ve hung out with them before, and they’re pretty cool guys, heh. they were the ones doing the ‘spank the monkey’ contest (they rented a monkey suit for the activities fair, and were raising money by having people pose spanking the monkey, and they’ll have the pics up on the web in a day or so for people to vote to see which is the funniest. the winner gets half of the money that was raised, and the other half goes to charity).

i was planning on driving home right after school, but i was coerced into going dancing by two girls (alison and sara? i know one of them is named alison, but i’m not sure of the name of the other, hehe) who work for the off-campus student services department, hehehe. ~_^ i met them at the ocss get-to-know-you meeting a week ago, and they saw me walking to my math class and begged me to come to the dance – on the first wednesday of each month, there’s a dance with a theme. this month it was line dancing, lol, so we did the electric slide, the cha-cha slide, the macarena, disco, the booty-call, and so on, hehehe. ^-^ it was lots of fun, and alison’s pretty cute (so how could i not resist going? hehe) and we flirted during the dance, hehe ^_^