#1268 – on-campus housing

What’s Your Movie Dream Car?

by Auto Glass America

i knew it all along, though, hehe. XD

dave finally got permanent housing in patapsco, so i helped him move in. i wish that i had on-campus housing. ^^;; i decided that this was a matter over which i should commit haiku:

on-campus housing

oh, why can’t i get any?

commuting sucks nuts

there. now i feel a bit better, hehehehe ~_^

i also was just messaging one of my friends that i went to dematha with who also goes to umbc. apparently at the activities fair tomorrow he’s going to be “spanking the monkey”. seriously. apparently his frat rented a monkey suit, and it’s $1 to get a picture taken of you spanking the monkey, and the funniest one (there’s going to be a vote for it on their webpage) will make half of what they raised.

i think tomorrow too i’ll see about dropping by the residential life place and see if i may be squeezed in to on-campus housing. ^_^;; but then again, that’d add about $2000 to the price of school for the semester. i’d rather keep that money for myself, hehehe ~_^

now to finish up my homework for my math class tomorrow, and then i’ll head off to bed. stu and i are going to try out a joystick he bought today and see if it’ll work for us in wwii online ^-^