#1267 – thuggery

first off, billy dee williams should eat more salsa. and umbc should add more parking, for today i start my life of being a petty criminal.

see, i drove to school today (i’m a commuting student, remember?). leave home at 9 am, get to school at 9:30 am, and think “great, i’ve got half-an-hour to get a parking space, and if i can find one soon enough, then i can get some eats at the off-campus student association tuesday morning breakfast, and then get to class at 10!” (i ended up finding out later that the commuter breakfast doesn’t start until october 8, though)

it took me that entire half-hour to find a parking spot. 😛 and even then i had to end up parking in visitor parking in a parking garage on campus. i had a $1 and a $5 bill on me, but there was no change machine at that garage. so i ended up putting in three quarters that i had (which bought me 45 minutes of time), and ran to class. i got in there at 10:02, but i wasn’t marked late ‘cos the professor only marks you late if you’re ten minutes late or more. i figured that if i had a chance i’d “run to the bathroom” and run off to get change and feed the meter. i didn’t have a chance to do that, though, so i just ended up going to my classes as normal.

after classes, i went to the off-campus student association and filled out an application for priority parking on campus, then i made my way to the financial aid office to ask them about my loan.

i waited in the financial aid office for about half-an-hour to talk to someone about my loan…

me: “hi, i recieved an award letter saying that i should be getting money for a student loan, but as far as i could tell there hasn’t been anything credited to my account yet…”

lady: “yeah, after you’ve recieved an award letter, you have to contact a lender about giving you that amount as a loan.”

me: “well, i had done that two years ago with my loan, but then i took off a year. i don’t think that i completely withdrew, so shouldn’t i still have that loan info on file?”

lady: “it depends on what type of promissory note you filled out – let me check something…” *goes into the other room for a few minutes then returns* “yeah, we do have that on file. you just need to write us a letter saying that you want us to continue your loan with the same lender for this school year and that we already have your info on file.” *hands me a pen and paper*

me: “ok, so i just drop that off here with you?”

lady: “yeah”

me: “ok!” *writes out letter and hands it to the lady* “so, is that all?”

lady: “yeah, all done”

me: “ok, cool – how long until that’ll be posted to my account?”

lady: “this time of year it usually takes about 6-8 weeks”

me: “ok, thanks”

so the good news is that now my tuition has been cut in almost half! ^_^ instead of being $3100, after the loan has been taken out i’ll only have to pay about $1,800. and i’ve got $1100 coming in my bank account any day now from sales of stock, and i’ll be recieving a paycheck for about $420 at the end of this week. so i should have my half of the tuition payment done by the end of the month, easy! ^-^

i returned to the car after that. i figured that i’d be getting a parking ticket for my meter running out, and i was right. so i’ve got to pay a $15 fine to the school for parking at an expired meter. i was reading the parking ticket and it says at one part that “parking violations on State property are considered Petty Criminal Offenses.” oh well. it could have been worse, i suppose…

so now i’m just hanging out in dave’s temp housing while he talks to people about getting real housing on campus, and he and i are just hanging out until 7 pm tonight when we’re going to go to the game room to play monopoly ^_^