#1265 – rstevens

ok, so i had this weird dream last night. all i really remember was for some reason i was crawling around in some bushes in front of my house, then rstevens comes driving across my lawn and up to me in a grey car or something, and i hop out of the bush and he and i go chill. beats me what we did, ‘cos that’s all i remember, hehe

really weird. and i only met the guy once, and that was for maybe about 10 minutes while we talked and he drew me a sketch of clango, hehe.

work today was alright – we were pretty slow for most of the day. i met the new greeter… he seems like a pretty cool guy. he’s in his 30s and is married, and also works as a bouncer at a local bar, hehe.

during work, my manager had to go to our kiosk in the annapolis mall to drop off some stuff, and he returned saying that we only had one salesperson there and there was a line of customers wrapped around the kiosk, and would anyone want to go there to help him out? i asked if he needed someone to work as a greeter at the kiosk. he told me that if i wanted to i could go out there, so i did. ^_^ working at the kiosk is kinda fun – it’s not work work, it’s more stand around and mostly answer occasional questions and watch the girls sort of work, hehe. i got an extra half-hour of holiday pay from working at the kiosk too. ^^

i think i’ll go look for some eats for dinner now… yum yum.