#1264 – warm 'n fuzzy

i was just poking around on and found a review of my bohemian rhapsody / neon genesis evangelion music vid that i hadn’t seen before. after reading it now i feel all warm ‘n fuzzy inside, hehe.

i need to get back to work on my music videos. but i’d rather have premiere 6.5 to work on them with. maybe i’ll see if i can find a copy of that online somewhere to give it a tryout to see what they’ve changed since premiere 6 (i do want to buy 6.5 – soon as i get some cash available to go to something besides tuition, it’s mine).

but the most important thing to do first is to find the time to work on this stuff, and with school now, that won’t be too easy. but, then again, i do have school only until 1 pm on tuesday/thursday… maybe i’ll just come home right after classes, ‘cos i’ve got lots of ideas to work on, but haven’t done any working-on in a long time ^_^;;