#1255 – freelance

first off – HAHAHAHAHA

i found the webpage of the artist that i bought one of my prints from at otakon ^_^ i really like that print. wish i had a better-quality version of it, though.

we were pretty slow at work today. had a few instances where we got a little busy, but not really. one girl came in about an hour before we closed and we flirted a little bit, hehe. *^_^* and apparently several kiosks in the annapolis mall were vandalized last night, including the verizon wireless kiosk. apparently the thieves took several dummy phones thinking that they were real, lol.

dave called me up today while i was at work and he told me that he’s all moved into his temp housing at umbc. i’m going to meet up with him tomorrow between classes.

it feels nice to have two days off of work, after about a week of working full days. too bad i have class in that time, lol. but it’s still nice to be going back to school.

am i actually saying that? o_o;; hehehe

better get to bed, then, i guess… hehe