#1251 – the sting

i’m watching “the sting” with robert redford and paul newman. it’s kinda interesting, and robert redford is reminding me of lupin… hanging around with tons of women, conning people, and being randomly chased by some police detective, lol.

hm. i wonder if premiere 6.5 is out already for mac os x. it looks like it is… at least, versiontracker says that it was released on july 22 (but i know that that was about when they announced it for os x), but then again, says that the upgrade ships within 24 hours. i really hope it’s out already. yeah…

i really like how my schedule for work is now shaping up, since they’ll be hiring two new greeters to work at my store too. since they gave me logon info for the computer system so i can take bill payments / accessory payments / prepaid phone minute payments, basically i’ll be doing that while the other greeters do the actual greeting at the store. i talked with one of the store managers today about my schedule, and he basically told me that i can work out whatever i wan for my schedule. so i’ll leave them two to work out a schedule for them to have (either working 3 weekdays / 2 weekdays and the weekend, or working a mixture of full / half days to cover the week), and i’ll pretty much come in whenever i want to. usually that’ll be on a friday-sunday (since that’s when i don’t have classes), but if i wanted to have off on one of those days, then i’ll work half-days on tuesday or thursday or both to make up the hours. this way i’ll still be able to have my classes, work, and still be able to have some free time! ^_^

i’m such a dork, lol. i’m looking up job info for apple computer. wouldn’t it just rock socks if i got a job there after college? lol… i suppose that they’d need usability experts for their operating system or whatever. yeah, i’m a dork.

some lady in her late 20s / early 30s told me today that she liked my glasses. apparently she has a “glasses fetish” o_o;;