#1249 – gizmo is a bad cat

ok, so i’m sleeping in my bed off and on throughout the morning, but i’m not up yet ‘cos i’m going to work at noon and then church at 5:30 after i get off of work.

the family leaves for church at about 10:30 or shortly after.

a few minutes just before 11:00 the phone starts ringing. i figure they’ll leave a message and go away. it stops ringing. i get my work pants to go take a shower, but then the phone starts ringing again, so i go upstairs to answer the phone too.

all along the way through the basement and up the stairs, though, gizmo (one of our cats) keeps getting in the way. in fact, just before i was about to pick up one of our phones, gizmo stepped on my bare foot with his claws, so i yelp in pain and see that all that’s on the other end of the phone is a dial tone. 😛

my cell phone starts ringing just then, and i see by the caller id that it’s from “home”. i answer it and it’s mom on her way to church with the family just making sure that i was waking up and all (which was nice of her), and i said that yes, i was up, and i was about to take my shower, but gizmo stepped on my foot.

now it’s shower time before going to work at noon.