#1230 – 1600 feet

we went to the beach today. first off we stopped at a subway / dairy queen to get lunch, and the first stop we made at ocean city was this parasailing place, since kelly and anne wanted to go parasailing again (they went yesterday when they were there with my aunt and uncle). the parasailing people said that they might not be doing any more today ‘cos of high winds. so we went into the restaurant next to the parasailing place to get some drinks, and when we came out we checked with the parasailing people and they said that they were still taking people as the winds were borderline on being too high.

so kelly and anne went parasailing, and i went with anne as well. up to 1600 feet. o_o;; it was really cool, though ^_^ it wasn’t as windy as i expected it to be, but kelly and anne said that it was really windy and this was the 3rd time they’ve gone, so they know what they’re talking about i guess. i don’t think we were 1600 feet from the water, they just let out 1600 feet of rope from the boat.

i gotta dust off my old geometry book and figure out the sine or cosine or tangent or whatever to figure out how far 1600 feet at a 45° angle is vertically, lol

then we went to the beach and did some swimming and rested on the sand, and we did some rides and walked the boardwalk, and got some saltwater taffy. ^_^

and then we came back home. ^^

i was testing out more of world war ii: online, but i don’t know what keys do what, really. stu’ll have to show me what to do since he already did betatesting for the pc version of the game. so far all i’ve done is run around randomly, shoot at various objects, and hitch a ride on a tank, and get shot and die without barely seeing the attacker. 😛