#1226 – i want

i just woke up about half an hour ago. apparently apple has released some new powermac models… i’m drooling with envy. ^_^;; the nice thing i like about these new ones is most of the stuff i’ve used to trick out my computer (extra hard drives, and my dvd-ram drive especially), i’ll be able to fit them all in these new models… and still be able to use the ones that come with the computer!

which is especially great, considering mac os 10.2 is coming out in a week or two. whenever there’s a big point release of system software, i like to get a larger hard drive, ‘cos then i get to start completely fresh, and with more room as well. i was thinking of getting an 80 gig hard drive, but i found this online last night, so now i’m considering getting this instead.

120 gigs for $130. drool.

and i’ll sell one of my 60 gig drives that this’ll be replacing to stu. he only has a 15 gig hard drive so he can use the space, lol.

lol. i just configured a dual 1-ghz g4, with 1 gig of ram, 1 120 gig hard drive, an apple superdrive (reads/writes cd/dvd), an ati radeon 9000, 56k modem, and airport card. all for $3,100.

anyone have $3,100 they’d like to give to me? ^-^