#1224 – "ELVIS SPOTTED AT LOCAL GROCERY STORE: reportedly purchasing bananas and peanut butter"

i just saw that headline on a show right now about elvis, and they were talking about elvis sightings, lol.

i got in the mail a card for $10 off a $40 or more purchase at staples. this’ll come in handy with purchasing school supplies ^_^

work today was pretty slow. we didn’t really do much at all. i was nice-guy glenn – i went to the bagel bakery and asked if any of my coworkers wanted anything from there, and jill said she wanted a french vanilla coffee, and carl said he wanted a large water. so i went to office depot to get a new hub (which works great! ^_^ i think it’s even faster than the old one, hehe), then i went to the bagel bakery and got my bagels. they didn’t have any french vanilla coffee, so i didn’t get anything for jill in case she wanted something else specific, and i told the lady at the register i wanted a medium coke (for me) and a large water (for carl, ‘cos that’s what he told me).

i get back to work and i gave him his water and he says he wanted bottled water, and that he wasn’t going to pay for this water because it wasn’t bottled water. well, how the hell was i supposed to know that he wanted bottled water??? he told me he wanted a large water, so that’s what i got for him. so he made me give him back his $1.25, but, shit, that meant i had to pay for his water. -_-;;;; i don’t care for carl anyways. 😛 most people in my store don’t care for him at all. one of the managers said that he would have just found a bottle, poured the water into that, and given that to carl, lol. i gave jill back her money since i wasn’t able to get her coffee.

but besides that – one guy was in our store and he left his sunglasses on a desk while he talked to a salesperson and i thought to myself “he’s going to end up leaving those there”, so i kept an eye on them. when he ended up leaving them just like i thought he would, i ran them across the shopping center to give back to him (even stopping on my way out to give directions to the nearest bank of america to a cute girl who was in our store). and i held the door open for an old lady, too, hehe. ^_^

at least i get the next two days off and don’t have to deal with carl and his antics. 😛