#1219 – lazy

i’m probably too lazy for my own good, hehe ^_^;;;;;

i did some ddr tonight (i’m borrowing dan’s brother’s copy of 5th mix). i’m trying to start to freestyle, lol. needless to say, i’m doing rather poor freestyling, lol. but it’s not bad for just beginning, i guess, hehe…

i’m also downloading one of the ddr amv songs (captain jack) while i’ll be sleeping. i tried to download a copy of el ritmo tropical as well (the running gag in that was the characters from “big shot” in cowboy bebop shouting “AMIGO!” during the song, hehe), but that server didn’t have the vid up. ;_; which reminds me, i wonder if i can get a copy of the entire ddr amv project. hm…

now it’s bedtime and i’ve got to wake up to go to church in the morning, then work from noon to 5 pm. kelly and anne are going to the beach for a few days, so they’ll be out of the house from sunday – wednesday.

i’ve been on the lookout for a keyboard for my handspring for taking notes for school with. i also found an ac adapter for my digital camera on the cheap on ebay, and a copy of extra mix for ddr (i want that ‘cos it has the lupin iii theme in it! ^_^). maybe i’ll get that at katsucon or something sometime.


ok, yeah, i’m off to bed.