#1215 – just woke up

i pretty much just woke up. *yawns*

well, not entirely true – i was up a few hours before, but that was to let my sister in who had accidentally locked herself out of the house and started buzzing the doorbell. after that i fell back asleep on the couch. then mom arrived home and we started talking about plans for tonight for celebrating my birthday. i tried to call dan to ask if he wanted to come out to dinner with us, but his line is busy. i’ll try calling him and stu in another minute or two.

i ought to clean off my desk here. which reminds me, there were some things i wanted to take care of today. like:

– cleaning off my desk

– watching my kare kano dvd

– watching my wings of honnemaise dvd

– tinkering with my old computer

– writing thank you letters to my grandparents

and so far i’ve done none of that, hehe ^_^;; oh well… best get started.