#1214 – 1.2

it’s 4:45 am and i need to go to bed… but i’m feeling too zany to do so!!! maybe it’s the pancakes i had for breakfast at 1 am at the silver diner… hm.

dan gave me a bobble-head mr t for my birthday XD and it was fun hanging out with pete at dan’s place today with stu too. dan’s brother has a digital camera now – it’s a canon just like mine, ‘cept his is a 330 and mine’s the 110 model. his feels like a brick compared to mine too, it’s so much larger and heavier, hah.

apple (finally) released firmware 1.2 for the ipods. time to rock out! XDDD

i think tomorrow (er, today) i’m going to try to work on a new layout for my journal… i have an idea i want to try to incorporate into my journal here…

and why has my posts recently felt like a bunch of random sentences? hm? oh well.