#1213 – comic-con

alright, here’s the con report:

took my flight from baltimore to philadelphia, then on to san diego with no problems. got my luggage and walked back and forth between the baggage area and the terminal i arrived at until i recognized aeire, and she, tony, pdi, mrirony, and myself all went to an in-n-out to get eats. very good burgers (i only had a shake at this time, but it was a damn good shake, lol)

met dan and matt (both of nightstar) at haven house, and hung out there for the night.

went into san diego to go to the con on thursday. i had to register for only one day at this time because i didn’t have enough cash on me to register for the entire con. luckily, payday was the next day.

went to the con in my lupin outfit as well, which i would later discover doomed me to repeating the same schedule the rest of con. i was wandering the con floor when i passed this one booth and saw some sketches hanging over the booth, and one of the sketches was lupin! the sign said “we have these artists straight from japan! get your own personalized autograph!” so i stopped to read it, and had this conversation…

booth lady: “are you dressed as lupin?”

me: “yep!”

booth lady: “did you know that monkey punch is here?”

me: “yeah, i was just looking at that”

booth lady: “he’s not here right now, but come by at 3 pm and he’ll be signing autographs and doing sketches”

me: “cool! thanks!”

so i went by the booth at 2:30 and he was doing stuff there, but they told us that he had to go off to do an interview, but he’d be back throughout the rest of the con, so to just keep stopping back to meet him. for the ENTIRE REST OF THE CON i stopped back at that booth every 1-2 hours, but i would just miss him because either a) he had to go to an interview or meeting, b) he was doing an interview 20 feet or so away from the booth, but they were moving away from the booth, c) he was wandering around the con and they didn’t know where he was. i ended up wearing my lupin outfit the entire rest of the con but i didn’t get to get a sketch from him. *sigh* ;_; i did see him for about 2 minutes before he left for a meeting and they asked him if he could spare a moment, but he had to run off somewhere. ^^;; he did see me in costume a few times, and when he saw me he said “OH! LUPIN! OHOHOHOHO!”, lol.

dennis came with me to see if monkey punch was there, and according to him he blinked and suddenly there was a lady who was standing in front of me telling me that he wasn’t here right now. halfway through the con they knew me by sight, lol.

i asked them that if i didn’t get to meet him if i could take the thing with the sketch of lupin on it – the lady i had been talking to the entire con about trying to meet with monkey punch said that if she could she’d give it to me, but because it had so many sketches by different japanese artists it was being kept by the sponsor of the booth. but when i stopped by with 30-45 minutes left in the con on sunday, she said that they were really sorry that i didn’t get to meet him, and they gave me a lupin poster instead! ^-^

picked up one of the penny arcade posters for dan at the con as well.

everyone went to haven house where we all pitched in for chinese food for dinner, and joe arrived so we all mobbed him, hehe.

the con was basically just like that for the rest of the weekend, with people meeting up to play games or draw sketches or do comic jams and meet other comic artists and do stuff like that. ^_^ i ended up also purchasing the cutewendy anthology (got josh lesnick to draw me a sketch of pirate wendy! ^_^), the cowboy bebop movie soundtrack (some of the songs were on the collection i got at otakon, but i liked all of the songs on the movie soundtrack and wanted them too, hehe) – that was a bargain… i asked how much the cd was and they said “each cd is $10, and since that’s a double-cd set, it’s $20”. heck, even single cds here in the us are $20, heh! i also picked up volume one and a pin of usagi yojimbo, a series about a samauri rabbit who’s a bodyguard for hire. i even got stan sakai (the artist of usagi yojimbo) to draw me a sketch too. ^_^ i also saw weird al yankovic shortly after he stopped by our booth and they gave him a copy of the keenspace spotlight, hehe.

which reminds me, i ought to scan in some of the sketches i got sometime ^^ i got sketches from r. stevens of dieselsweeties, crazykiltman, jeff of victims of the system, troutman, josh lesnick of wendycomic, superjoe, esyla, alun clewe of soup, bryan wong of seasons of constancy, elvengrrl, robert of t1fuzzy’s whatever, elcarpeto, mark mekkes of zortic, kawaiikiwi, stan sakai of usagi yojimbo, and mrirony. ^_^

people were saying how many more people were in costume this year than last year, but i didn’t think that there were really that many people in costume at all. i saw maybe 2-3 dozen people in costume total. over the duration of the entire con. it was nowhere near the number of cosplayers at otakon.

i told dan that i think he and his brother and our friend pete would probably like to go… it seems right up their alleys ^^

flew back from san diego to pittsburgh, then on to baltimore. i think that the plane descended a bit faster than normal ‘cos i got incredible pains in my head because of pressure (and i was seated right next to an exit door too). x_x;;;

anyway, here’s some of the pictures i took (the best, organized and with commentary), and here’s all of the pictures at full size (damn i <3 my camera's quality and resolution! ^__^) if you need them for anything (but that's all hosted off my own computer here off a dinky cable modem, so please don't kill it). and by popular demand, here's scrubbo’s dancing taco, lol (his stomach sez “EAT MY DANCING TACO”, hehe)

so that was con. fun ^_^