#1211 – rejected

work sucked. majorly. ;_; we were understaffed, and we were swamped, and people were assholey and mean and hurt my feelings and i didn’t get to eat anything all day until 5 pm. ^^;;

i got another check for my birthday. ^_^ this one’s from grandmother and grandaddy. i got one from pap-pap yesterday too – i don’t think i mentioned that. they’re so nice. ^-^ these’ll end up being cashed to be used partially for paying dan’s brother back for the hotel room for otakon, though. ;_; oh well. i still don’t know what i want to do or get for my birthday yet. and my birthday’s past already! ^_^;;;

i want a graphics tablet, or at least to fiddle with one for a bit before i get one first. i’ll have to doodle with dan’s when i’m at his place later this week.

oh, yeah! i’m downloading “REJECTED”! XD yay for gnutella and mpegs and cable modems!

umm… that’s it for now, i guess. i’m just sitting here ripping more mp3s. i’m almost done with encoding almost all of my cds, lol. i am such a dork. ^_^;;