#1210 – what the hell?

i’m back from comiccon now. and now i’m 20 years old. now to count down to the day that i can get wasted, hehe.

but i’m really confused – i left my computer on while i was out, and now it says that its uptime is only 3 days, and some of my preferences (obscure preferences, like my mp3 encoding settings in itunes) are totally and completely different. -_-;; grrr…. and there’s a pile of stuff underneath my desk, too.

but con was fun. ^_^ and i got stuff. ^_^ and met MONKEY PUNCH (kinda)! ^____^

and i checked my uncle’s address… he lives on el cajon, so he lives just a few blocks or so from where i was at, lol.

and i should really be in bed now, as i have to work all day tomorrow. con report goes up then, i promise. ^_^;