#1208 – today

today’s been rather frustrating. it hasn’t been a bad day, but it only had just a few things go wrong or almost go wrong that it’s been very annoying.

i almost was late to work – got there 1 minute before we opened. would have been there a few minutes earlier if there wasn’t some loading van behind the stores at the shopping center i work at doing maneuvers in the back, and consequently not having not enough room on any side of it to squeeze by.

we had to have the a/c off all day at work because it was leaking through the roof and into our storeroom. it was pouring like crazy into 4 trash cans we set up in there. over the course of 2 hours the trashcans were about a quarter full – we can’t imagine what it’ll be like overnight. o_o;;

the VICE PRESIDENT of the ENTIRE VERIZON WIRELESS COMPANY is coming to our store sometime tomorrow. o_o;; so we spent all day cleaning up the store and straightening up the store, and i can’t leave the salesfloor until after he’s gone (not even to go in the back) – if i do need to go somewhere, then i need to leave the clipboard i use with a salesperson or manager so they can greet and not leave the clipboard on the desk like we usually do.

so all day my manager was stressing out about the a/c and the vice president, and we had some crazy stupid-ass customers come in and be morons.

after work i went to the bank to deposit a check i had. after that i went home and i found out that adecco didn’t recieve the hours that i worked last week (i could have sworn that i submitted them late last week – i guess i forgot ^^;). so i submitted them online… i hope that i’ll be able to get last week’s paycheck on friday since the deadline is sunday at midnight, then. ^^;;; i think i’ll be able to, but it’s worrysome. ^^;;;;

i also see i got a bill from umbc for tuition for the fall semester – at my current rate i’ll make enought to pay that up in 3 months (if i don’t spend any pennies at all). ^^;;;;; but! i just remembered that if i work for verizon wireless they’ll pay my tuition! but i gotta work on my resumé to hand in. i better work on that tonight so i can hand that in tomorrow.

and to help with comiccon funds i need to cash in my one leftover traveller’s check from my trip to england – basically i’ve got $30 in US funds sitting on my dresser that could be put to better use. but the place is closed by the time i get off of work. ^^; i’ll have to go there as soon as they open on wednesday before going to catch the bus to take to the airport. that’s cutting it rather close ^^;;

and i’m eating dinner and all we’ve got is milk and orange juice. no sodas… nothing caffeinated. ;_; *sobs* orange juice and turkey taste odd ^^;;;