#1191 – andy i. = teh funnie

andy ihnatko is hilarious. i’d have to say that he’s kind of like a geek version of dave barry. i’m reading through his site,, and skimming some of his past journal entries.

apparently he was at comic-con last year o_o but he says he won’t be there this year because it was either comic-con, or creators con in new york, and since he had to be in new york for pc expo, and that was at the same time as creators con, he would just go to that instead.

if you’d want to see what his writing is like, here’s an excerpt of his rundown of creators con 2002 vs. comic con 2001:

I’ve been to very few conventions and I’ve only gone to San Diego once. I certainly enjoyed myself, but there was that definite sensation of always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. “So let’s see your John Byrne sketch!” a pal asked me when I got home. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he explained that over in Building C, Hall 4, Booth 11823-A-88, John Byrne was drawing and inking full-paged artwork for anyone who asked, making conversation and handing out crisp C-notes as the mood struck him.

Or at least that’s how it felt. I had a good time in San Diego, but later on I heard about all kinds of neat stuff that I hadn’t even had an inkling about. There I was waiting in line for an hour to get an autograph from an original castmember from “Manimal,” and just two aisles away Julie Strain was doing her nude trampoline fire-eating act.

Big or small, these cons are given over – formally or informally – to separate zones. There’s the merchants selling dead treeware, autographed items of dubious provenance, various collectibles that aren’t, and bootleg videos. There are merchants selling original artwork. There are artists and writers, invited by the organizers to lure in the punters. And then there’s the autograph tables, usually featuring a former “Batman” villain, several women who were talked into taking off their clothes and running away from a guy in a rubber zombie mask at some point in their acting careers, a representative of The Lollipop Guild, and, reliably, Billy Dee Williams.

since he writes articles for a newspaper in chicago, and he also writes a tech humor column for macworld magazine, he was one of the people who gave a presentation at macworld expo. which i must say, like the rest of his writing, was rather funny. ^_^ i was able to catch his panel, and at the end of it i was even able to recieve a free book from him that was one of the items that was being given away after his panel (each panel had free loot to give away to the people attending)

which reminds me, i haven’t talked about my expo experience yet… hmm…