#1189 – in the history of bad days

today must have been one of the worst days i’ve had in a long time. ^^;;;

i didn’t hear my alarm go off this morning and i ended up waking up at 10:45. i looked at my clock for a moment, then it registered what time it was so i jumped out of bed getting dressed as fast as i could while saying many words that would not be suitable for a family publication. i heard my phone ringing, so i ran upstairs and answered it and it was the store manager. i told him that i overslept, said “i’m sorry” and told him i was really really really sorry about it several times, and he asked me what time i could be expected at work. i looked at the clock and said 11:15. he said ok, and i went back to hurrying to get ready for work. fed the cats, got ready some more, and rushed out the door. as i was running out the door i thought i saw that one of the cats had yakked on the kitchen floor by their food, but by the time i got back it was all clean in the kitchen, so maybe i imagined it or something.

rushed to get ready for work, got there at 11:08 and rick (the store manager) opened the door. i told him again that i was real sorry about being late, and he said that they were wondering where i was and thought something was wrong because it was very unlike me to not be at work at my appointed time. when corey saw me he said “glenn! stay up too late last night watching anime?”, lol. later i found out that they didn’t know what to do because there’s been a greeter for the store for so long, that when they opened up the store and were rushed with customers, there wasn’t anyone to do the directing. ^^;;;; we ended up chuckling about it, though. ^_^;;

then later in the day this lady who’s my contact with adecco came in to get a charger for her phone. i helped her find the appropriate one for her phone, and while she and her mom were looking around the store and i was helping rick put phones away on the salesfloor, he saw them and teased me asking if i told them about this morning ^^;; i joked back with him and said that it was like the army: “don’t ask, don’t tell”, hehe ^_^;

then later this old lady came in, and she told me she was having problems with her phone. i asked her how long she’s had it and she said maybe she’s had it a year. since she wasn’t quite sure as to how long she’s had her phone, and since she guessed it was about a year (the length of the warranty on phones), i told her that if she wanted to she could talk to customer service about purchasing a replacement battery for the phone, or she could talk to our technicians to see if it would be under warranty and repairable (they just swap it out if it’s under warranty), or she could talk to a salesperson about purchasing a new phone to replace it. basically i just gave her all the options that she had and let her pick one herself, and while i was explaining this all to her she was telling me that she had been standing up for 2 hours outside and it was hot out there. she said that she’d talk to the technicans about the phone. not more than 5 minutes later she comes storming back to me saying “I JUST TOLD YOU THAT I WAS STANDING OUTSIDE FOR 2 HOURS, AND YOU WANT ME TO STAND BACK THERE?? THAT’S NOT VERY NICE AND I’M GOING TO REPORT YOU!!” she and her husband left the store, and she ran back in a minute later, stared at my nametag while i was answering questions for another customer, then ran back out. 😛 wonder what she’ll do when she finds out that there’s no glenn working at this verizon store, heh.

the rest of the day was kind of uneventful. really slow. it felt like the day took forever (and this is with showing up to work about an hour late ^^;;). when were closing up these two old ladies couldn’t understand anything i was trying to tell them about setting up servers in an email application so they could access their comcast cable internet email from our wireless email service. they kept asking me questions that i had just answered, and this was after we were closed for the day. i don’t mind helping out people who are still in the store when we’ve locked up for the night, but the way my day was going i just wanted to get home. and while i was trying to explain to these ladies the answers to their questions, mom called me on my cellphone to see how i was doing, but i had to be kind of abrupt and say that i couldn’t talk at the moment ‘cos i was at work. (she didn’t know that i had to work today). i called the family’s cellphone back when i got back home, but it wasn’t on, and they don’t have voicemail set up ^^;; which made me feel even more down, because while i’m stuck having to work, they’re out having fun on a family vacation and they’re going to be going up to hershey park tomorrow or monday. ;_;

i guess it could have been a lot worse, but today sucked. at least it’s bedtime now, and i don’t have to be at work until noon tomorrow… ^^;;