#1170 – good news and bad news

got two letters in the mail – one from umbc residential life, and one with no return address, but the letter or whatever on the inside had the maryland flag printed on it.

so i opened up the residential life one, and it said what i thought it was going to say – i didn’t get any on-campus housing in the fall ;_; they’ll still give people housing as there are cancellations for housing, but i probably won’t get housing before the start of the fall semester. on the 26-27 of july they’re having a presentation on campus with people from local apartment complexes and such to help people sign up for off-campus housing. but i’m going to be at otakon on the 26-27, so i can’t go… besides, mom and i figured that it would probably be more expensive to live off campus, and i’d still have to commute from the umbc area to here to work, so i’ll just be staying at home and commuting to school.

i opened up the other letter, and i see a check from the state of maryland for $154.13. it’s my income tax return! i forgot all about it! ^_^

i was using a quote i saw sgt. slaughter say in a g.i. joe episode i saw the other night – “here’s the bad news: ……. now here’s the good news: there ain’t no more bad news!” hehehe