#1168 – *stomps on beerhat*

stu and i went to the orioles baseball game today… took the light rail from glen burnie to baltimore. we didn’t have any drinks, and since you could bring in your own, we went to this local convenience store to look for 2 liter bottles of soda, lol. they didn’t have any, so we ended up getting 20 oz bottles of soda instead.

got into the stadium at 5, but that was just for the bleacher section, they didn’t open up the gates to the rest of the stadium until 5:30. then we ran to left field to try to catch balls from batting practice. stu got one of the players to toss him a ball, and i almost caught three balls that were hit my direction.

our seats weren’t bad i thought (especially for $5 tickets)…. along the 3rd base line, upper deck, 2 rows from the top. we could see almost the entire field from our spot (except for a little corner of left field that you could see if you stood up). and when a group of people sat in the row in front of us we moved back two rows to the last row ‘cos there was a good breeze and then we could be a little more wild and crazy and not bother people as much, hehe. at about the 3rd inning when the athletics got runs in (one guy was able to steal home! >_<;;) i got so mad that i sputtered and ended up stomping on my orioles beerhat i have, lol. and for fun since there wasn't that many people around we were able to shout things like "OBSCENITIES!" and "DIRTY WORDS!" and "FOUL LANGUAGE!" and "THE FUNNY CHARACTERS YOU GET WHEN YOU HOLD 'SHIFT' DOWN AND MASH THE NUMBERS ON THE KEYBOARD TO INDICATE BAD WORDS!" i told stu if we kept that up we might be tossed out of the park, lol. ~_^ the orioles only got 1 run (when i converted my beerhat to a rally hat - ask in the comments if you want to know what one is), and the athetics ended up beating us 4 - 1. ;_; i bet the orioles would have won if they put on their rally hats in the dugout too! and beerhats can’t even properly be made into rally hats either! lol

but i danced myself crazy during songs during the game, and i acted real foolish to be selected as fan of the game (but they didn’t show me on the jumbotron ;_;), and probably acted crazy enough to make the people around our section think i was drunk, lol.

home games on fridays are now student nights – $5 tickets. if i go to any more of those i think i’ll see if i can get that section again – it was so fun ^_^

dad was ordering / putting on hold tickets for a family trip to san francisco next month. he gets a free flight ‘cos it’s a business trip, mom, kelly, and anne get to go for free since they can use his frequent flyer miles, and since i want to go too (if sean the temp doesn’t have anything going on at that time) they’re having to buy me a ticket. but i’ll get frequent flyer miles for it on american airlines ^_^ 5 people going round trip to san francisco for $436? not bad.

now bedtime, and tomorrow i’ll work the morning shift, and go get dan and dave in the afternoon to go to the beach tomorrow night.