#1167 – remembering

i keep listening to this song thinking “hey, this would make a pretty good macross plus music video!”

then i remember that the reason i downloaded it was because i saw a macross plus music video set to this song when we were previewing the music vids for otakon, lol ^_^;; i thought it was a pretty good video, too ^^

i think i’m going to bring my lupin the 3rd costume to comic con – i like it so much, why use it just for one con?? ~_^ besides, lupin did start out as a character in “monkey punch” comics, so there.

i’ve got a blister on my big toe on my right foot. ouchums ;_; it’s from walking all around london. ^^;; it only really hurts if i press on it directly, so i shouldn’t do that i guess… ^_^;

now stu and i are off to go to the orioles game! yay!