#1166 – lookalike music vids

my friend dave is right… i do look just like rivers cuomo (the lead guy from weezer) o_o

did more work on my music video… watched some music videos on tv (saw the “without me” vid by eminem – while i’m not really an eminem fan that video cracked me so up, hehe… already downloaded the mp3 and am in the process of downloading the music vid now)

and i was talking with stu and dan tonight about my music vid – stu and i were saying that my “mama, i’m coming home” vid is turning out like a non-humor version of my “bohemian rhapsody” video, even down to a few clips – people who don’t know i made both vids are going to think i’m ripping off the “creator” of the bohemian rhapsody vid, lol.