#1165 – crazy

today was crazy – we had about 40-50 people there for the press conference, and so it was confusing to try and figure out who was there for the press conference and who was there for the phones. and for the first hour our computers were down so we couldn’t really do anything. one of the salesladies said to the regional president of verizion wireless that he should buy us lunch for troubling us by using our store for the conference, and he said “ok!” she said that she was just kidding, that he didn’t have to do that, but he thought it was a good idea, so he ended up paying for us to get lunch from this local deli that was really really good. ^_^

came home from work, stu and i played some true combat. grandaddy’s spending the night here (i think he’s going someplace with dad tomorrow), so in a minute or two he’ll be coming in the den here to go to bed. that’ll mean early bedtime for me too, but i could use a little extra sleep, lol.

i’m loading up my ipod in case i can’t fall asleep and want to listen to some tunes, though, hehe… ^^