stu and i made up that quote for the subject tonight when we were talking about curious george eating medicine, hehe.

went to work this morning… we were busy, but not swamped like we were yesterday. sean relieved me at 3:30, and he asked if i could work for him all day on wednesday (i’m scheduled to work all day tomorrow, too), and in return he’d work for me all day on thursday. i said yeah because then that fits in perfectly with stu’s and my plan of going to the orioles game on thursday night, and we can get in early and try to snag a baseball or three. ^_^

got home and remarked how i was going to go to the pool (i had been in the mood to go recently, and i hadn’t gone at all this summer). mom almost fainted since the last year or two i absolutely did not want to go to the pool, and now i just up and decided to go. i took my sister anne, too, and we swam around for just over an hour or so.

got back home, then stu and i went to rite-aid to see if they still had these squirtguns in stock (they looked just like a walther p-38, and we were going to paint one to make it not neon-yellow for my lupin costume, hehe), but they were all out. we walked across the street to 7-11 and got slurpees instead and came back home and played some true combat on the computers for a while.

dan should be returning from california today, and susan and betsy should be returning from england today as well. i’ll have to go see them all sometime. ^^

i’m getting back to work on some music videos i had been working on… stu and i made one (it just needs fine-tuning and advice from dan now) using the inspector gadget theme to lupin the 3rd, and right now i’m working on a solo project using evangelion set to “mama, i’m coming home” by ozzy osbourne. yes, you heard me right, an OZZY OSBOURNE MUSIC VIDEO. it will rox0r muchly, i can assure you. i really like how it’s coming along so far already ^_^

did i mention that my friend tom from high school told me yesterday that he’s engaged now? o_o he says that they probably won’t be getting married until sometime after his fiancé graduates in 2005, but still… woah… go tom XD

mom and dad and kelly and anne are going on a family vacation to los angeles next month. they said i can come too if my schedule allows it, but i’d have to use my free ticket with us airways to go (either that, or buy my own ticket for their flight). reason why is because dad only has enough frequent flyer miles for 2 tickets, and probably has more than enough for 3, but definitely doesn’t have enough for 4. he said that maybe we could take the leftover miles and apply them to a ticket. i’m still trying to decide whether to go or not, because 1) i’d rather save my free ticket for my own trip someplace, 2) i’d have to dish out money to go on this trip, but then it’s free hotel, free rental car, etc., 3) i want to be on my sister anne’s first airplane trip ^_^

so i’m not sure what i’ll do yet. i’m thinking up places in the continental us (and canada) that would be cool to travel to and visit, and that i’d probably not usually get to go to.