#1160 – almost no-fun day

last night i wasn’t sure what time i wanted to go to church today, but this morning i figured that i’d go to 5:30 mass after work ‘cos i wanted to get some extra sleep. i woke up at 7:50 for no apparent reason, then fell back asleep. at about 9 am gizmo came in my room and tried to get into the suitcase i used when i went to britain, then kelly woke me up at 10 am practically begging me to get up to go to 10:30 mass, but i said no ‘cos i wanted to sleep.

got out of bed at 11, took my shower (in the mirror, and went to work. i looked like i didn’t get any sleep at all. my neck really hurt since it’s all sunburnt, and the shirt that i was wearing felt tighter around the neck than usual, so that was really uncomfortable too. at work i found two of my coworkers stocking the phones on the salesfloor, and my manager was telling me how he was rather irritated – apparently the people who closed the store last night didn’t stock anything, no phones, no accessories, nothing.

we opened the store, and about 4 groups of people rushed in… 2 people had to see the salespeople, and everyone else to see either the technicans or customer service. soon after that we were mobbed… for almost the entire rest of the day, we had about 7-13 people waiting, with waits varying from 25-50 minutes. we had to have our manager work as a salesperson to help speed things up. about 15 people just left the store during the day (the manager estimates that as being $3000 or so of lost revenue for the year if they don’t return).

at one point when we were really busy, our manager told me to call one of our salespeople who was off today to see if he could come in and work since we were so busy. i gave him a call and he replied “is he kidding??” i told him no, and he replied that he’d like to come in, but he couldn’t as he was in the process of being tattooed (he told me earlier in the week how he was planning on doing that)

i wasn’t able to leave work until 5:30 (the store closed at 5, but we still had people being helped when i left). i was late to church because of that, so i didn’t get a seat and had to stand in the back of the church. i didn’t get anything to eat all day until i had a snickers bar and a coke before leaving work, and almost the entire day i had a headache. ;_;

after church, though, we went to some restaurant in columbia where i got salmon and rice and green beans (really good), and we even stayed for dessert so i had some key lime pie there as well. ^_^ and even though i had to work that extra half-hour, that means that i got to work a total of 40 hours this week (instead of the 39.5 that i was scheduled for, hehe)