#1155 – infrequent

i haven’t updated in a few days (since wednesday, as a matter of fact ^_^;;). been busy with working, mostly…

on thursday i had to go to work until 6 pm, but since it was the 4th of july we were really slow. i guess people didn’t know that the stores in my shopping center were open. i walked around when i went to the atm and all the stores were closing earlier than usual, and only one place was closed. after work we went downtown to the naval academy to watch the fireworks.

on friday, i went to work again (but just for the morning), and then after work i went to pick up bruno_boy from his house and brought him back to my place. friday night, dad, kelly, dave, stueypark, jim (a reenactor friend of dad, kelly, and stu’s), and myself went to see “windtalkers”. the movie was alright… i thought that it seemed a bit stiff, and other parts were too too cliche and predictable for a war movie. after the movie, we came home where we played a game of scrabble.

today, dave and i went to downtown annapolis because for his art portfolio for umbc he has to take 4 pictures as if he was a tourist and 4 pictures as if he was an artist, so we figured that downtown would be a good place to take those pictures. hung out downtown taking pictures and going in the used cd store (got “americana” by the offspring, and “skeletons from the closet” by the greatful dead there) for an hour and a half. then we went to the amish market to get some food (fried chicken, potato salad, pretzel, and milkshake for me), to the grocery store to get drinks, then to gravelly point by washington national airport to watch the planes, hang out, play catch, and hike around. stayed there about 3 hours before heading back home.

so that’s what i’ve been up to the past few days… whee