#1154 – getting the 411

ok, just called sprint about my cell phone bill. see, after i closed my account, i recieved bill saying “DO NOT SEND PAYMENT – this is a credit balance of $578”. so i talked to them and explained everything and they say that apparently after i closed my account someone sent in payment of that amount but accidentally put it on my account number, so she sent everything over to financial services and they’ll take care of everything. i told her that it wasn’t any problem, just as long as i stop getting these bills making me think i should be getting money that isn’t mine, hehe… i could have used that $578, though… ^_^;;

so then i called the umbc residential life people and asked if i would have housing in the fall. see, pete (the guy i was going to room with) and i put each other down on our housing applications, and he already recieved his housing information. he also told me something about when he went to turn in his application they crossed my name off his list of requested roommates because i wasn’t attending umbc at the time or some other nonsense like that. basically they just told me over the phone that i’ll know by the end of july if i have housing or not because if i don’t have housing by then, then they’ll be sending a letter to me about how they can help me find off-campus housing.

so everything’s still up in the air. i hope that i can live on campus. maybe off campus wouldn’t be too bad. and woap says he’s looking for a roommate, hehe…

but it’s better when you know what’s going to happen, instead of sitting around wondering, you know?