#1151 – back to half-days

worked half-day today… i like the schedule for this week – i get 39.5 hours (not bad, since i had recently been getting just about 31-32 hours recently), and 7.5 hours is on time-and-a-half for holiday pay for the 4th of july! ^_^

stu and i drove to umbc today and got tickets for the orioles game on the 11th. and on the way back home bruno_boy returned a call i made earlier in the day and we set up plans for the weekend. he needs to take pictures of a place in the styles of both a tourist and as an artist. so i’m going to get him after work on friday, we’ll do the picture-taking, then on saturday since it’s supposed to be a nice day (sunny and in the 80s!) we’ll be going to gravelly point by dca to hang out and play football and frisbee and eat chickens! ^_^

so far for the trip next week to ocean city, it’ll be myself, bruno_boy, and maybe stueypark

woap, you still thinking about going? we might have to get ourselves a convoy if many people want to go, hehe… and k43ru, if you can get to here early that morning and we’ve got room, you can come along too ^^

i blame this wanting to go to ocean city on one of my coworkers, lol… he said that it was the perfect temperature to go to the beach, so he started planning a day trip. that made me want to figure out when my next day off that i wasn’t going to be doing anything on would be so i could go to the beach, lol.

another thing that amused me was when one of my coworkers was telling us “yeah, i was bored the other night, so i was looking at porn, and there was this banner that said ‘can you feel me now? good!'” yeah, so you have to be a verizon wireless employee to get the big kick out of that, but we all thought it was amusing, lol…

ok, bedtime, and then tomorrow i’m going to call umbc to check about getting my housing for the fall (since i haven’t heard anything from them), and i’ll call sprint about getting this $500 credit that it looks like they’ve given me…